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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 14, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>: reporter: we are tracking this pacific storm that it's working its way into northern california for the next 24 hours bitch dramatically dropping or temperatures. it's slowly dropping south and ec summit this afternoon. here's how the day will go this morning we will see some fog and areas of drizzle. in the afternoon
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partly to mostly cloudy conditions. it will be much cooler today and low 90s on the map. we are drive by thursday. but there's another system on the way that will bring us more wet weather by friday. we're checking out the future cast. it's cloudy and around the bay area. there's a few sprinkles out there with a little trouble ahead. >>: reporter: by lunchtime if you're in the north bay you'll be getting wet. at first slowly moves into the heart of the bay by in o'clock tonight. piquancy we have showers and nappa of vallejo and it worked. it's pretty much the pattern through tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning as he let out the door expecting rose to be wet. after that will basically taper off. wednesday morning into wednesday afternoon
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scattered showers and a lot of cloud cover. we're left with cool temperatures and maybe try conditions. >>: reporter: 64 for san francisco 74 redwood city. 76 for antioch 74 for fairfield and 69 degrees in napa. after this is the most threw we are dry and mild to the thursday afternoon. another system is on the way and it may bring us some heavy rain. it's anywhere from a test to maybe two-thirds of an inch. not a lot but you will be wet friday into saturday. it will dry up as we headed to sunday and as a star of the workweek were back to dry and mild conditions. it looks set little warmer for sunday. temperatures are maximum out in the mid-70s. we do have a hot spot this morning. >>: reporter: highway 80 has a
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hot spot if you planned on using that. coming through vallejo the hot spot as the overturned big rig. this happened in the 3:00 or at the three left lanes are closed and their running traffic breaks to get through but it's pretty heady their only in the west palm direction. a bridge toll plaza is looking great. the two right lanes are, of all the way up to fremont. 92 is fantastic between hayward and peninsula. no problems for one no one. >>:
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and a local car club and have been. it looked just like new. you can see the clock line is being stolen in this video taken by neighbor security cameras. this is someone was asking questions about the car earlier in the day. you can see that the thieves stole the car away and a white chevy truck. john says he thinks that the car is still in the ad hoc area. --and yak area.
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antioc area. >>: reporter: settles a police meanwhile are investigating the hit-and-run accident involving the pedestrian. happen before in o'clock last night. that is in east san jose. you're looking at video from the scene when officers arrived they found a woman blank in the middle of the street. they'd been identified as the leader of the victim died in hospital. no other descriptions is available at this point. they're still searching for the driver. >>:
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released days before the 25th anniversary of the 6.9 magnitude quake. the cause major damage across the bay area more than 60 people killed in that earthquake. we spoke with an earthquake expert. >>: friday 25 years scientists have said that it's not about that it's about when. there's a new study published on monday we might be getting a better understanding on where that next one will be. remember these images from back in august at the nappa earthquake that happened in late august. according to a dealer ecological study their " locked and loaded and ready for big point any day now. we're talking about 6.8 magnitude or higher. this is the
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fourth author of this. he we ask them to give us a better understanding. >>: the hayward fault registry in there's a ford falcon in north he said it's a locked and loaded. it's as big as you can expect it's a reminder that the votes are ready and were not. >>: reporter: some of the data in this new study is all about 1979. there been keeping a close eye on things in the past 37 years. there's a lot of data that they receive comes from 80 different monitors sites across the state. a lot of time and energy went into the study. there's a lot of things we did not know and a lot of things we did know. all not so good.
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carolina home. they're accused of killing two people and burying them. the two men killed were reported missing and 2009. : reporter: this is the kind of traffic backup piquancy this weekend at highway 1 and pacifica. coffee bridge construction near the rampage it quickly makes a detour for drivers that's already like a
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backup. the half moon bay in the pumpkin festival which is under way likely bringing black cloud saturday and sunday. that means long lights of traffic. those and the shopper trying to make the best out of it. the lines of traffic will likely mean more business for stores and restaurants near the rockaway beach plaza. patron to often a goal to the shop and set of sitting in traffic. >>: reporter: time now is 412
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were quick to take you to breaking news. it's just coming into our newsroom from indianapolis. that looks like a bus crash. it's just coming into the news rooms and watching this for the first time. is on interstate 665 just south of indianapolis. the driver apparently swerved to avoid a minor crash and that we lost control of the bus and then flipped onto its side. at least 18 people up and taken to the hospital. will give you updates as we get new information. >>: : reporter: the storm on the way the impact of the planned for today what about the giant''
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>>: reporter: we are rein on the way. it's a big change coming to the bay area what what weather much cooler temperatures if you're heading out right now is cool too mild. as mostly cloudy skies around the bay area right now. san jose and 56 in all walking through the day. it's drive out there right, we do have a little bit of a result in some spots. as he headed to the afternoon if you have plans you'll be fine. you will see scattered showers may be little drizzle. much cooler temperatures out there. >>: reporter: '70s by the bay mid-70s and land in that it's warm as that will get. that
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grain is the bulk of the system. one approach late this evening when bring into tonight. it's not very warm but scattered showers later this afternoon into the early evening hours. 74 san mateo 73 down and san jose. warm spots inland. no. they look for lower to upper 60s 69 for december fell 74 for fairfield and 68 for santa rosa. if you are heading to the game for coming from the north are heading toward san for cisco you'll notice some light scattered showers after heading toward san francisco. >>: reporter: they take on the cardinals. we will be under mostly cloudy conditions and if you're hanging out and send to
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school late tonight you'll definitely get stuck and somewhat weather. you will not get rained out and the game. here's our seventh day around the base extended forecasts. it's tuesday into wednesday thursday will be just fine. we're back to dry normal conditions with morning fog and afternoon sunshine. this is, to bring as a chance of rain for friday into saturday. after that moves through were back in normal conditions. >>: reporter: a little bit warmer for sunday and a little bit cooler for monday. we are dealing with one hot spot as a slow stall traffic coming of vallejo. this is west bound 80 with a commute direction dili was overturned by truck. the three left lanes are closed and will slow rate at the scene. it's a fine commute to the cartoonist. this is the oakland game.
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pomeranian was found hiding in a corner of the dog's owner says the men that broken waited for everyone to leave before entering through the back door. surveillance cameras caught footage of the men as they left a hole one of them has been identified as a 18 year-old desired johnson. both suspects are still at large. the second man involved in the burglary is described as possibly hispanic in his late teens or early 20s. >>:
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my kron 4 story this month the visitor mary moran that caught our attention to our problem. we have since learned that the ongoing drought in the lower water levels have made worse of the fish dying off every year about this time as the water growth stagnant period rose press says that it takes the fun never daily ride along the lake. most of the that fish are being eaten by birds but the water is still green with algae. >>: reporter: fish are dying in
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our fast the experience reservoir entries to. no relief felt and tell the return of winter rains. unsettles a. >>:
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go to the third quarter cabinet is buying and so sometime in the top before making a pickoff throw. that was antoine fulton back in the end zone. the niners are improving to the season to their next game. the next it will be at denver. the
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sentences the giants are hosting the cardinals still hudson on the map and the giants' first pitch on one of seven and one game apiece. if you have a photo and never fall family or friends walking in the larger black today send it to us the kron 4 dark rum. we will share them on their threw that in the morning.
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the police are investigating the theft of a vintage car. that car was stolen ride from owners driveway while the owner was out buying parts to refurbish the car. it chose a white chevy pickup tying it broke and to link their car away. the owner believes that the car still in the area. they're all looking for now. the police service to get it deadly hit-and-run that involved a pedestrian. this is right near 33rd street and its east san jose. officers arrived in the area found a woman lying in the middle of st. suffering major injuries. she later died at the hospital.
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crystal matlock for be and assessors to that murder. here's services cause serious crash in the city the police on the scene of that accident and the intersection of felt and octavia. >>: reporter: yuli decides but the scene for us. this is a first accident happened less than 30 minutes ago and it does involve a hit and run. we don't know exactly at this point what car was involved in the hit-and- run and how the other cars were also involved. if you see the taxi cab over here is pretty- stop over here. since it's almost less than half a block away. you see the other card that was involved in that accident. this is octavia st. the street that comes this comes on to the honor for the one no one. this is between fell in oak
4:32 am
street. that the main artery here for people to get on and off we do know that this is very serious. a police officer told me that three people were transported over to the hospital. when asked if anyone was fatal would is a fatal accident they said we don't know at this time. he did get an impression that is very serious. >>: reporter: we're trying to hear about that. this is while they're doing a very thorough investigation to get measurements. it's unclear how the old logo be out here between open fell right on active your street. you said this was a hit and run. is that means that the driver of the vehicle did not get out and take off. it's not clear on who was doing the hit-
4:33 am
and-run and i don't want us and that was the right car but we do know that that is involved in this accident. we're trying to hear of the police officers doing a little more investigation to get a better picture of what happened. >>: reporter: it looks like we just lost her. will continue to fall this developing story its efforts to school the other a bit of developing news were falling involves the weather. we have rein on the way today. >>: reporter: we been enjoying the summer like temperatures all october warm. but today not so much the rate is on the way and those numbers are coming down. it's the coastal they fall outside the door right now. you may run into some areas of drizzle. as it headed to the afternoon it will be mostly dry
4:34 am
keep your own balance handy. you'll see some scattered showers syria and soldiers on the head of the main from or expected to see the wet weather and later this evening and late tonight. it will linger into wednesday morning. your extended forecast will have dry weather by thursday. here's the future cast. >>: reporter: it's good to break
4:35 am
up on wednesday so continues to the afternoon is left with a whole lot of cloud cover decrease in showers. then the system is not here for today note 80s or 90s on it will be mild on the bay area. '70s from redwood city 75 for livermore.
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>>: the first person to track people in the united states they have reports that they're hoping that the treatment will get for a better chance of survival. the new as a photographer that attracted people in west africa describe dark and frightening
4:37 am
moments. redding and facebook post on monday that she will never know how she attracted the as a virus. they are wrestling were not enough. part of the treatment included a blood transfusion of a ebola survivor. they're hoping that it was safer. there's a nurse in dallas that tested positive for ebola. this likely exposing her to the a virus. >>: reporter: officials say that it's not protected gardens that put on that was they just about taken off. another hospital in dallas says that it's going beyond standard protocol to give its nurses and doctors added
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protection. the training they say is under way. >>:
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hosted thousands of weddings shutting down at the end of the year. the duma fader said generations. markets books and the city's fillmore is forced out. his reputation was enough to keep this up protected. this oldest african-american bookstores in the united states of america. it's projected that 4400 local businesses are hoping to turn around. there's a financial pressures that are pushing tenants out and residents out. it's also pushing the small businesses all especially the legacy businesses. it's important for us to do something in response to that. >>: reporter: the tried to throw a lifeline by offering cash. the
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only requirement is being in business for 30 years or more. it be connected to the neighborhood. this is one of the knicks' center is not only a coffee culture but a simple to spoke culture.
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two people were killed during a tornado. the measures were damaging three buildings which were damaged by different tournedos. mother--monday's weather have a damage defense as well. right now a drought that are were continuing to see increased and clouds and a little bit of drizzle with light sprinkle superior highs are popping all the mid-70s create
4:47 am
plans tonight not so much fear yet keep those umbrellas handy because it will be but around the bay area. the rain is approaching 9:00 tonight and lenders to the early morning hours were talking about when states to you have a little bit of a wet commute. >>: reporter: for today mostly it partly cloudy skies. it's a huge drop in temperatures. it's 80s and 90s on the maps 64 for stanford cisco 74 cemeterial 74, gergen 68 in santa rosa. if you're in the north bay you'll get the rain forests. it's decreasing temperatures as we head for the evening. freddie of late tonight in this city it will definitely be wet. you're ok for the game it will not be rained out. keep your jacket and an umbrella handy. as we headed to win stay late wednesday morning those showers will taper
4:48 am
off. when san afternoon it will be just fine. after that were drive get out and already backed up along a little bit. >>: reporter: that neck system approaches and to the bay area friday and saturday. it will be out here by sunday. temperatures warm slightly and will be upper seventies by the bay. and upper 60s by the coast. just a little cooler by monday. we only have two hot spots out there. we're starting off with the traffic map at this crashed happening in the 3:00 hour. >>: reporter: this is and vallejo west of 37 others overturned box truck. the three loeffler's are blocked. it's not causing a huge delay. the good news is they have told truck on the scene. the only problem on city streets is the crash that
4:49 am
we showed you earlier has octavia blocked off between felt an oak. if you happen to be in the area pish you should avoid this area. >>: reporter: as a worker way through hayward in foster city it looks fantastic. it's been gneisses moved into one of stamford cisco. there is a major crash still blocking no estimated time for clearance.
4:50 am
the unidentified wom met the travel quite terrier and have a low-grade fever. she is also unsure she came in contact with anyone who had the deadly virus.
4:51 am
pastor returned a wheelchair. she has spina bifida and depends on the wheelchair to get around. she's very happy to get back. we checked out the story after a viewer contacted us if he ever story to look and to visit our web site at and submitted to us through our my kron 4 story tab.
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bakersfield. one was chasing kids. they say they received a lot of calls but they're all on found. authorities say so far and all the reports of an pranks' but there are investigating in any criminal activity. : reporter: down and the polls and the campaign cash republican deal cat scarry it's intended to make case/. she said the young boy that shining. comparing it to california education problem.
4:53 am
some voters said that at like something it's a clear mashes has been talking about right now. republican strategist says that adequate designed to be shocking this close to election day. democratic strategist said that this is at a time from a candidate who lacks funding and support.
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forward with the forecasts. we do have a situation that will be developing this afternoon and two showers. let's talk about what we expect later on this afternoon. as we move forward were looking at the wider view of satellite red are showing a band of showers. this is impacting the top left corner. the cold front is not expected to make it to the bay area as to take a look at the future cast for we do have a chance of light showers or to in advance of a cold front.
5:02 am
much more on this coming up and a little bit while full details on the forecast. : reporter: i am out here at 3:00 in thehours later this to e traffic nightmare. this box truck is being operated as we speak. this is basically the driver falling asleep at the wheel swerving through lanes of traffic etc. divide he turned
5:03 am
over carrying a load of packages. another car hit the big rig after it came to rest on its side. the driver of that car was to get to a local hospital and what's been described as moderate injuries there. this is another shot from the ground in nicosia traffic is on westbound 80 right now. its business would stop all the traffic and attempted to operate this vehicle. this is right at the off ramp onto highway 37 west bound sofia traveling on west bound 80 right now you will experience in traffic. >>: reporter: didn't see that the total a driver is attempting to get this operated as we speak.
5:04 am
scene of the crash. believe it or not it's lucky that happened this early in the morning. the farther out we are from the bay area the early the commute strikes. this is already having some impact. a quick check year in oakland that we had light construction work and mmx freeway. it's just wrapping up. things are backing up for the ride on a 80s south from. this is between hagen broke and 98th ave. also problems on city streets in san francisco will get more than now. : reporter: some good news for commuters because i have done very busy in the last half-hour. this is actually leading into one no one. this should be cleared in the next 20 minutes.
5:05 am
this all started around 4:00 a.m. with this white stollen as stevie ran a red light and basically collided with the taxicab driver. this is several people injured but we just all about this not life-threatening injuries. there were two people in the cab that were transported right away and never three people right in the past tv. one of those people where stock and the car. they transported that person to the hospital. the other to try to escape the captured one of them and still one person outstanding. this was a stolen as cv that ran a red light and collided with a taxicab driver. >>: reporter: the should be open and the next 20 minutes.
5:06 am
check back with you.
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the virus by having exposure to that band-- man. he has an abundance and his blood with the experimental treatment. john mccain is calling for the bowls are to handle the issue.
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a communication is one of the areas that could improve on. it was the learning opportunity.
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francisco 64 0162 made the upper 50s fort sam rosen. that is quite a difference. look at how cool the temperatures will be this afternoon. yesterday's livermore it was 92 today 75. if you do not see any great importance of the east they will not today. the temperatures everyone will feel that. as will that the seminary on the a forecastle looking at charts to arrive later on tonight into the overnight hours.
5:18 am
right at the highway 37 interchange it here you see a live look not only at the track on this side but the tow truck that has been trying to attend to it. this is often the case with overturns dependent could be tricky. official the roof of this big rig is starting to buckle and collapsed. he tries to pull this break over and give it right. they're trying to pull one inverses up to lifting it. the and
5:19 am
back about what to three- quarters of a mile approaching highway 37 west bound. as we continue to experience delays and oakland past the scene of some overnight construction the good news is that i just confirmed with contras that the 98th avenue offered has been reopened. the lead :
5:20 am
the speech she will participate in a question and answer session as well. fi
5:21 am
the boy next big one will have been it's a matter of when. the new study is on monday we may be getting a better understanding of where it will be. we're looking at these images back in august from the nappa earthquake that happened. according to win new geological study the " locked and loaded and ready for big quakes any day now. were talking about 6.8 magnitude or higher. the lead >>: reporter: >>: reporter: returned abutter mersenne of how his findings came out. --trying to get a better understanding of what the findings came out. some of the
5:22 am
data in the new studies and 979 have been keeping a very close eye and things for the past 30 something years. a lot of those data that they received from the 80 different monitoring sites across the state. the above things we knew and did not know all of them not so good at the future of the fall in the bay area.
5:23 am
quarter and an attendance for the 22 yd touchdown and and it's 40 nothing in the first quarter. this is a playbook and the beginning of the second quarter the-takeover colon kapernick with a perfect pass on the sidelines. the race at 80 are touchdown with just 14 seconds left. in the third quarter it was colon kapernick and the niners. they buy themselves some time scramble back to the laughing face a tough row. the niners up 17 to 14 and they continue to roll. the niners next game. >>: and including the best trick or treating colds. let's take a look at which trending of facebook and twitter. we're taking a look at all the span's
5:24 am
here in his orange jersey or shirt here's a wide view of the folks at the game does a lot of people out an orange. too little kiddies and their 49 t-shirts. if 70 follows that you would like to send to us and share your spirit and your love for the team send those files to breaking news that kron 4 doc,. burger take a quick look will be right back.
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expect the rain to develop the next 24 hours or so. there's a live shot right now the show's clear conditions at the golden gate bridge. looking at a press fifties' low 60s. will talk about today's highs in the cool temperatures expected fi 40 5:00 a.m..
5:33 am
private the roof of the big rig itself started to collapse. they had to stop the process another attempting to strap the roof down. and then operated. not shirt sure how successfully they will be but as it gets further to the committee concede the traffic is backing up here. you have one lane of traffic attempting to inch by the accident scene. the traffic is starting to be a concern out here. >>: reporter: were trying to see how much more work we would have to do to get this thing upright.
5:34 am
you're at no small part in occurring in vallejo the commute it's in the way much earlier than it does for the lower e short freeway. highway 12 would make an alternate but of course it's already started to get heavy know and the west bound direction. this doesn't make any sense because enough the way to get to the backup to get there. if you're heading to the canyon coming down highway 29 however that will pick up a lot of extra traffic. the better bet would be to use interstate 680 south ball. the card the reduction in the benicia bridge is back across interstate 780.
5:35 am
5:36 am
this has hosted some thousands of weddings and had to shut down. a shutdown at the end of the year passports at token the favored generations. the closing its doors in the markets books are sports or out. it's projected that the city will lose 4400 local businesses alone.
5:37 am
for 30 or more years of being connected to the neighborhood.
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by his picture he would to signal will valley high school. police also investigating and the sensory to murder.
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your going to the giants' game just in case to make it a straight share while you're at the ball park. the evening commute as part of the north bay. this possibly light showers there and also approaching the east bay.
5:46 am
for this afternoon it's much cooler than it was yesterday. no low 90s.
5:47 am
delays. if you commute 680 denise the benicia break and come down to this annual slightly see a lot of extra traffic this morning. this is really becoming the best alternate route.
5:48 am
and the san mateo bridge is slow in the west bound direction it's the base of the high rise and that the toll plaza it looks good. it's a light and easy ride 4101 in both directions.
5:49 am
today. : the traffic is now horrible every friday saturday and sunday at phil's are for people going down the coast. it's crazy because it's taking forever. especially with the pumpkin patch. it's crazy.
5:50 am
centered at the personal creek the level structures all around the bay area killed more than 60 people and injured 4000 others. >>: reporter: the deadly seen of the 1989 disaster was here over oakland 70 mi. away. the section of 880 known as the freeway collapse of the height of the evening commute some motorists trapped and others weren't so lucky. more than 40 people lost their lives. this same location looks like this is the freeway eventually rerouted. the look robust six along the side is no known as the parkway. one motorist was killed and the chaos after the upper deck of the eastern spain of the bay
5:51 am
bridge collapse. this shutdown the major arteries for a month. this is not for long it's slowly being advantage. this is optional--operational. nearly a dozen buildings were destroyed and forced to more severe damage. >>: 25 years later and here you could see with that intersection looks like. quick damage buildings torn down and replaced with new construction on three of the four corners. five people were killed at the market building on the corner six. it came crashing down showering
5:52 am
with bricks. the building was eventually tore down and now condominiums are the same corner. seven crews as piles of bricks and crackles. buildings in that historic section were leveled and many businesses explained. national guards patrol the streets and out 25 years later shoppers rebekah is struggling the mall despise that terrible day in a faded the view.
5:53 am
publicize the u.s. campaign against the militants and officials also want to gain public support for military effort that could go beyond the president obama presidency. the nation's will be part of the law meeting as well. : reporter: and overturned by truck from a monkey wrench into the morning commute for the east bay drivers.
5:54 am
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a broader mix of energies, world needs to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal.
5:56 am
let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
5:57 am
degrees. maybe 67 by game time. the win was also picked up and we never chance of a sprinkler to during the game. for keeping track testing case. will be back in the next hour and really bring down the majority of the rain falling.
5:58 am
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